Hospital = Circus

The ups and downs post was definitely too soon. Literally the day after that post, everything simmered down at the hospital and things were back to normal. Woohoo.

The most painful part of the medicine rotation is call. When you are short call, you only admit patients until a certain time in the day. Normally, these people came in overnight and the night team (night float) assigns them to your team. Normally, this is pretty good because night float has already done a lot to work up the patient. Long call means when short call caps, you start admitting all the new patients. The worst part is that you have to actually go and get all the information from the patients. You wouldn’t think it’s that bad but sometimes everything just PILES UP and then you look up and it’s 9 PM and you still have to put everything into the computer. Man, it’s rough.

Of course you are thinking – “what is worse than that?” Nothing? WRONG. New interns. I love the interns on my team (by far the best team) but they are a little slow. That plus a new resident means rounds that should have taken an hour actually take 4-5 hours. AND then you finish everything on top of that. I do have to give them all a break though – our service has literally become the service of the crazy house. The majority of our patients have some huge unresolved psych problems and really no amount of knowledge in medicine would help us treat these patients. Its all about calling the consults and waiting for them to respond to us…then trying to figure out how to translate what they said into the online computer system.

On Saturday night, a bunch of us got together to celebrate the birthday of a friends. Because I was on call on Sunday, this was an early night. The one thing that I seemed to get out of all the hospital talk was that every hospital is a circus. I must say that Jim wins for the best story – life would be more amusing if we all had patients that called us vampires every day – you can deny the resemblance can you?

student doctor signing out.


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