I’m still here!

I swear after mid-January, I will be back to writing posts.  I got a phonecall from the aforementioned S today.  He finally discovered this blog – it reminded me that I do enjoy writing and I want to get back to this.

Unfortunately, that will be delayed.  I did want to quicky touch on what keeps me here.  About 5 years ago today, a close family friend of mine passed away in a car accident.  Really, he was like a brother to me and everyone in school thought that as well.  When I found out I had gotten into BU, I had a lot of mixed feelings about actually leaving home for Boston.  He is the one that really showed me the opportunity that I had the honor to receive.

While I have spent a lot of time being truly upset at his loss (as many people are/were), remembering him helps me move forward in this difficult process known at medical school.  I miss him and think about him everyday.

“I am here
I need to say
That I will miss you
And its true what they say
There is no better time than today
If this is

Good bye to you and me
Well what good friends we will always be
And I owe it all to you
Every good thing that I do is you
Its you


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