Vacation Time

At 3:24 PM on May 15, 2009, I officially finished my third year of medical school. Despite having completed an awful family medicine exam, my body was shaking with the excitement of one word: VACATION.

As some of you may know, I am taking a year off to work at Children’s Hospital in the Department of Cardiology.  So really May 15th marked my hiatus from medical school. Beyond doing benchwork, I hope to reclaim my life.  This year will be full of all of the things I miss doing like running, dancing, and hanging out with my classmates…who will soon be doctors.

One goal of this year is to actually update my blog with all the patient that have helped me grow this year (believe me – I have been keeping a list). But before I begin with what, I must pay my respects to the 18,000 people that became “Doctors” this weekend.  For some reason, I have been in graduation mode so I volunteered to usher for this year’s ceremony with my roommate.  The both of us pretty much spent the afternoon walking around and enjoying the snacks. Eventually we did help people find their seats.  After 20 minutes of work, we, like all of the friends and family in the audience got to enjoy the ceremony.

Besides cheering on friends being announced as Dr. So and So, the highlight of the ceremony was the graduation student speech.  Instead of a patient story, I leave you with a youtube video of the speech. Enjoy!


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