I’m ok!

Forgive me, by the time you read this, this is one day late.

Today marks the first day of Paryushana and I am excited. Last year, Paryushana fell during my surgery rotation. Needless to say, I was a “bad jain” and did nothing special.  As strange as it may seem, this is actually my favorite time of year. There aren’t very many “holidays” where people come together quite like this. Its a time to reconnect with people you have lost touch with, a time to ask forgiveness from people you have hurt, a time to forgive people you have been hurt by, and most importantly, it’s a time to rediscover oneself. I consider the 8 days to be a challenge and I love challenges. Today’s challenge: Upvas.

I’ve decided I truly have the best friends. Last night the med school held an event at Umbria. The idea behind it was to mingle  with the different classes, but as those things turn out, you spend most of your time with people you already know. In my case, that was spending time with people I really don’t get to see that often. Last night I was reminded how awesome the people I know are and how much they do care.

Not to end things prematurely, I did have a patient story I wanted to attach to this post. Unfortunately my foodless brain is having tough time coming up with a great transition. I will save that story for another post – which I will make this week!

Instead I will leave you with my new favorite video…the first is real and the 2nd is a spoof…

Student Doctor signing out.


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