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Bidada Camp

Due to lack of access to an appropriate internet connect, posting this was delayed. I’ll definitely update with more photos in the next few weeks…but here is what I had at the time:

Today marks our last day at the Bidada Medical Camp. For the last week, Grace and I have seen a lot of cases that we’d rarely see in the US, met some incredibly friendly Indians, checked out both my mom’s and dad’s home villages, visited the homes of people we don’t even know, and spent a lot of time hanging out in the wonderful Kutch sun.

Overall, the experience has been eye-opening. The hospital was much nicer than I was expecting and the amount of patients they are able to treat in these 3 weeks in incredible. Being a medical student with a limited ability to speak the language, I felt fairly useless in terms of actually helping..but I did learn a lot. I also became the unofficial camp photographer….at a minimum, I hope the pics muster  up some donations so the good work continues

Enjoy some of the snaps:



As some of you may know, Grace (my roommate) and I are going to India  for 3 weeks of amazing. I figure I’d post our itinerary in case you  are in India or if you’d like to keep track of us.

December 30th/31st – Leave the states

January 2-10: Bidada Medical Camp

January 10-12:  Ahmedabad

January 12-17: Delhi (including Agra/Jaipur)

January 17-20: Mumbai

I’m pretty sure that we are going to come back with some excellent stories. Of course, I’ll share.